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here's my story.


About Me

I’m Jazeel, 24, an engineer by education, and a business analyst by profession. I’m also a part-time photographer, hopeless wanderlust, graphic designer, and film-maker. I create photos and videos mainly in the genre of aerials, cityscapes, landscapes, travel, and adventure. I have also traveled to 40 countries in the last four years.

I hail from the scenic hilly district of Wayanad in the state of Kerala, India. I spent my childhood in Dubai, UAE, and graduated in Biomedical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. During college, my academic exchanges and research internships have taken me all over the US and Europe. I've been living in Bengaluru for the last two years.

Let's collaborate on interesting projects in travel, photography, or film-making!


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